Monday, August 11, 2008

Where are my blogs?

I've written about First Baptist Church of Raytown, Fox's Drugstore, and Phillip's 66. Where did they go?

Did I not post them right? I know I've posted since Dec. 21. be continued!


David said...

Hey Angie,

Stumbled across your blog and thought i'd say "hi"

My name is David Lea. We just opened DLT Fitness Studio in the Raytown Plaza. We specialize in life-changing personal training and innovative group fitness classes.

As I read your blog from last winter about Benetti's, it made me smile to yet again find another young (describing those of us under the age of 45...) in Raytown longing for sophistication and up-scale locales to patron.

I have another destination for you...DLT Fitness Studio. Along with Ben, we want to help move Raytown forward with a new generation of young business owners longing to draw not only Raytowners but those from across the metro area to Raytown and discover there is energy, progressive thought, and an business excellence unmatched in the surrounding community.

I personally invite you to come and check us out...and take a yoga, or bootcamp, or cardio kick-boxing class on me.

Thanks again for your thoughts and i wish you the best...

David Lea

Joe Weaks said...

Hi, Raytowners,
I'm delighted to heard that I'm a 'young Raytownian' even though I'm 37!
Good luck on getting your blog straightened out, Angie, and welcome to downtown, David.